Energy Efficiency

In most cases, there is a tremendous potential for energy savings in compressed air systems.  Since compressors run under a load and draw considerable amperage, energy savings can be had on the supply side as well as the demand side of an air system.

Leakage, poor piping layout, inadequate storage, misapplied modulation controlled compressors, and oversized compressors are all energy wastes.  Our engineers can audit, identify and correct these problems, possibly saving your company thousands of dollars each year.

Able Air's energy efficiency services include:

  • Computerized flow metering with full report to determine how much compressed air is used
  • Comprehensive system evaluation
  • KW metering to determine how much compressed air costs your company
  • Leak detection
  • Full report with recommendations

Utility Rebates

Kaeser Compressors and refrigerated air dryers qualify for energy efficiency rebates form your local power utility as well as organizations such as Efficiency Vermont and Efficiency Maine. Call an Able Air sales engineer for information regarding these money saving programs.

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